Are federal laws necessary? If yes, to what extent? Have you ever thought if laws would not have been framed, what a havoc it would have been? Have you ever thrown light on jurisdiction? What’s the need of court and lawyers? Can a man be honest on his own? Why should there be legal boundations ?

Yes, these are only some of the common questions that arise in mind, when you think in this regard. Law, a part of the body of jurisdiction, is a severe imposition on all, failure to which deems punishment. These punishments for the criminals may include loss of liberty, execution and government supervision or fine. For some crimes like murder, there may be severe punishment, as these crimes are totally forbidden.


Violation of criminal laws

Most important to know is that as civil law is enforced by private parties, criminal law is enforced by government. There are criminal elements in each and every of the crime. Capital punishment can be imposed in some of the serious cases. Corporal punishment, so called severe physical punishment, though is banned in majority of countries can also be imposed on some of the crimes.

For violation of these laws, person can be thrown in jails, as per the rules. The number of days might vary with the crime and punishment associated with it. Government supervision is also considered legal and even can go to the extent of house arrest. In some small cases, fines can be imposed on the person.

Objectives of enforcing criminal laws

  • Retribution- it means criminal must suffer. It is to ensure that they do not take improper advantage for doing crimes. Hence, these criminal laws are enforced to balance their crimes and develop in the fear in their mind for the crime.
  • Restitution- it is a victim oriented theory. It main aim is to repair the hurt inflicted on victim. It is said that restitution has joined hands with criminal justice
  • Rehabilitation- its objective is to give offender the status of member of society and stop further crime.
  • Deterrence- its main aim is to impose penalty on the criminal, so that he or others does not get encouraged for the same. It directly affects other criminal and stops them.
  • Incapacitation- it is to keep the violator away from the society, so that they do not harm other citizens. The public is kept away from misconduct of an offender.

These are some of the basic points, which every citizen should keep in mind, either to stop him from committing crime or to spread knowledge. So, these are the must points from the point of spread of awareness among public.

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